ISO Resources for a 10th Grade Skeptic

(Monica Grubb) #1

I’m looking for engaging, relevant resources (books, podcasts, etc.) that are designed for non-churched teen skeptics. A friend of mine has a daughter that is voiced disdain for Christianity. My friend is surprised at her daughter’s anger, and is uncertain as to why the anger exists. I do not have contact with the daughter, so I am not in a place to engage in conversations with her. I have several resources that are geared toward an adult demographic or for training in apologetics, but nothing that I can confidently pass along as helpful resources. Thanks in advance for suggestions!

(SeanO) #2

@mgrubb01 Is this young lady an atheist or is she just upset with the Church? Do you have any context for where she may be coming from? Reader or not a reader? Intellectual sort? I personally was transformed by ‘Mere Christianity’ in high school, but I think you’d have to give it to someone who enjoyed reading that type of thing.

These two books appear to have enough story / humor to keep someone interested who does not just want to read a book of arguments. Christ grant you wisdom :slight_smile:

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(Monica Grubb) #3

Thanks, Sean! I’ll investigate those resources.

The only context I have is that she is a thinker. Both of her parents believe in God and were hoping this belief would filter to their daughter; however, they never went to church as a family and do not have family conversations about God. My gut says that she is leaning toward atheism, but has not processed the issues thoroughly yet.

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(SeanO) #4

@mgrubb01 Alright, well, ‘Mere Christianity’ might be a good option then if she is an avid reader. Since the parents are your friends, perhaps they have more insight? I assume they’ve had a conversation about the topic with her? If not, that would probably be helpful before going with the books. In fact, if they could read the book first or read it as a family that would probably be ideal. An interactive dialogue where everyone was learning together about God and each other might be more the right trajectory?

(Monica Grubb) #5

Parents are not sure about the root of their daughter’s anger. My friend has tried to probe, but any attempts are returned with impatience and contempt. I will share your suggestions with my friend…and pray! I think it would be a fabulous platform for the family to read/discuss. Thanks again, Sean!

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(SeanO) #6

@mgrubb01 Praying that the Lord will work through you and in the family :slight_smile: One other person you may consider is Philip Yancey. He has a number of good books for those who’ve found the Church a hard place to be for one reason or another and for those struggling with doubt / suffering.

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(Monica Grubb) #7

What do you think of Tim Keller’s Reason for God?

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(SeanO) #8

@mgrubb01 I really, really like that book - I have it and have suggested it. My concern giving it to a 10th grader would be that it would really require them to be interested in this topic to read it. It is not the easiest read in the world. Same thing with ‘Mere Christianity’. If they are willing, it would be great. Or, again, if the family studied it together - he might have study material that goes along with it? It all depends on the interest / personality of the individual.

Personally, I would really want to know why this young lady is reacting with such emotion. That suggest that she may have been hurt by the Church / Christians or disappointed by God. If the issue is not chiefly rational but instead mainly emotional, then the path to healing will be very different.

Another option would be watching some Tim Keller sermons together and discussing them. Here are some talks he gave at Google for skeptics based on his books. His preaching is more engaging than his writing, I think, though both are of superb quality in terms of content.

(Monica Grubb) #9

I agree! Thank you for your time and insights.

On a side, note, is the ASK Curriculum still available? While I can search for it on Google, no one seems to have to available for purchase.

(SeanO) #10

@mgrubb01 Uncertain, but you can check out the ‘Everyday Questions’ curriculum.

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(Monica Grubb) #11

Great, thanks!

(Dean Schmucker) #12

It might help to understand the hostility to Christian Worldview in our schools. Books that come to mind are “Kingdoms in Conflict” by Charles Colson and “The Closing of the American Mind” by Alan Bloom.
Also, the last book of CS Lewis’ Space Trilogy is rather chilling.

(Carson Weitnauer) #13

Hi @mgrubb01,

Yes, as @SeanO has shared, we are now highlighting the Everyday Questions small group materials. One of the first sessions discusses the conflict between parents and their teenage son; I hope it would help your friends think through how to approach their daughter and engage with her concerns.

I would also recommend some of the RZIM books. For instance, Jesus Among Secular Gods by Vince Vitale and Ravi. Or, for one of his earlier books, Can Man Live Without God? by Ravi.

Please let us know if there are more specific questions where we can come alongside you and your friends.

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(Monica Grubb) #14

I appreciate both your time and the information! Thank you so much!