Israel Bible Center

(Morgan B Bell) #1

Has anyone heard about the Israel Bible Center? Someone in my RZIM Core Module Course suggested taking some classes through this center because it will give you the Jewish perspective of the Old and New Testament, and thus better help someone understand the Bible. I didn’t know how reputable it was or if anyone had heard of it. Thanks for the help!

(CarolAndrews) #2

Thankyou, Morgan, for raising this. I have the same question too. I get so many emails from these people since I registered. There seems to be lots of tasty morsels of information that whet the appetite but I am very reluctant to buy into the courses even though I am persistently offered 3 free ones as long as a purchase others first. Not to say that the information they give out is not valid or accurate but I have nothing with which to measure it so am hoping, like you, Morgan, for some guidance.

(SeanO) #3

@mbb0016 @Carol Is there anything specific that you guys are wanting to learn about? I’ve never heard of the organization. When I flicked through some of the articles I recognized one or two names, but when I looked at the classes being offered they are predominantly being taught by the same 3 dudes - which raises a bit of a red flag for me. I can’t find any reviews of it or endorsements by teachers that I personally trust, so if it were me I would probably not attend.

(Morgan B Bell) #4

@SeanO Nothing in particular stood out. I just thought it might be interesting learning from a Jewish perspective on the Bible. However, I was weary seeing that a lot of the teachers are from America and not Israel.

(Kathleen) #5

Hi, everyone! I’ve never heard of them either, but I wanted to ask you, @Carol, what you meant when you said this:

May I ask for what you registered? Was it an RZIM thing or had you registered to receive their emails?

(CarolAndrews) #6

Hi Kathleen, no this Israel Bible Centre has no connection with RZIM at all and I was under no illusion that it did. I was just doing a bit of research myself on Hebrew meanings and their advert came up. I registered to access some info and since then have had so many emails from them wanting me to enrol in their courses. I know I can unsubscribe at any time and was ready to do so. When Morgan’s question came up I was interested in seeing if others had some input. Now, had RZIM offered such a course, I would not have hesitated to enrol.

(CarolAndrews) #7

Thanks @SeanO I had come to the same conclusion. I guess I was interested in learning about some of the Bible from a Jewish point of view in particular the Creation. I will now unsubscribe to their emails as I have my answer.:slightly_smiling_face:

(Jimmy Sellers) #8

I can’t comment on the Israel Bible Institute as I have never taken any classes from them. But I would like to recommend that you do pursue this path of study. Like any study it is a journey.
I can give a few book titles that will get you along way down the road.

If I could only read one book on the subject it might this one, I refer to it still.

A close second.

And because you ask about Genesis

Hope this gets you on your way.

(SeanO) #9

@mbb0016 It is certainly an interesting topic. What concerned me was not so much that the teachers were from America but that I could not find any evidence that they were being vetted by an organization or people I trust.

@mbb0016 @Carol In addition to the resources offered by @Jimmy_Sellers, I like this book:

(CarolAndrews) #10

@Jimmy_Sellers thank you for your helpful response. These books you have suggested look very interesting especially NT Wright. I will be heading to a very dangerous place next week - my local Christian Bookshop. :slightly_smiling_face:

(CarolAndrews) #11

Thanks Sean.

(Jimmy Sellers) #12

Great, I hope you get a blessing from your studies.

(Morgan B Bell) #13

Thanks everyone for these suggestions!

(Andrew Bulin) #14

@SeanO, only from America? Does this seem like they are just name-dropping “Isreal?”. I can only guess for what purpose…
Thanks for digging into this, good sir!

(SeanO) #15

@andrew.bulin I’m not sure where they are from - what bothers me most is that it is a small group of dudes and I do not have an endorsement from a trusted teacher / entity. They may in fact teach some very helpful things, but I would rather stick to sources I know I can trust - especially when they want me to pay them :wink: I am not in any way bashing their teaching - I have never sat underneath it - only saying what I would do if I received advertisements for their school in the e-mail.