Issues with Christianity

(Josh Jacobs) #1

I have a post it note on my desk with what are the 4 “Issues with Christianity” I have encountered both in my own spiritual journey and pastoral ministry.

The four are:

  1. The Hiddenous of God
  2. Perplexities of Prayer
  3. Gratuitous Evil/Animal suffering
  4. Doctrinal vagueness and confusion

Tell me what you think of my four. What might yours be? Its interesting how my list has changed over the years. Topics that once were major hurdles now no longer draw concern but are readily replaced by others.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Hey there, Josh! I think your list is great and apropos to the times. I guess if I had to put something under the umbrella of “What Are the 4 Issues Within Christianity” that I run into the most, it would be:

  • The reliability and trustworthiness of the Bible.

  • Reconciling historic Christianity against the atrocities and oppression committed under the banner of Christianity towards Africans and other indigenous peoples ie the American slave trade & slavery of Africans, the Crusades, Spanish Inquisition and other colonization campaigns that were inclusive of Christianity being forced upon an indigenous people where native land is also taken.

  • Reconciling modern Christian practice against it’s percieved lack of advocacy with regard to social justice issues and/or issues affecting mainly minority populations.

  • Homosexuality and the issue of it being a “sin to love who you love”. Also the perception of homosexuality being the “cherry picked”, elevated sin above all other sins.

Those, I would say, are the principle and most repeateded issues that I encounter. That list is certainly not exhaustive. There are others. These are the tops, though. Also, if you hadn’t noticed, there definitely is a through-line and connective tissue with regard to the issues listed above: the atrocities and oppression committed under the banner of Christianity has breeded and cultivated a distrust of the Bible which, in turn, has incited resentment toward Christianity and skepticism of Christians.

So, yeah…those would be mine. What do you think?