It is Finished


(Joshua Elder) #1

I think sometimes as Christians we forget the importance of the words of Jesus upon the cross, “It is Finished.” There is much we could say about the meaning behind these words. The scriptures were finished on that cross, the promises of God completed, the work of Jesus completed. However, there is also a very direct sense in which the cross has finished it for you and I as followers of Jesus. These words give us a confidence that our salvation is finished upon the price being paid by Jesus. We cannot add or subtract to what Jesus had done for us and instead, “It is finished.” Octavius Winslow put it this way:

'“It is finished!” Oh words pregnant of the deepest meaning! Oh words rich in the richest consolation! Salvation is finished! Look away from your fluctuating frames, and fitful feelings, and changing clouds, to “Jesus only.” Look away from sins and guilt, from emptiness and poverty, to “Jesus only.” “It is finished!” Let devils hear it, and tremble! Let sinners hear it, and believe! Let saints hear it, and rejoice! All is finished!

“Then, Lord, I flee to You, just as I am! I have stayed away from You too long, and am ‘yet instead of getting better, I grew worse.’ Too exclusively have I looked at my unworthiness, too absorbed have I been with my impoverishment, too bitterly have I mourned having nothing to pay. Upon Your own finished work I now cast myself. Save, Lord, and I shall be saved!”

Before this stupendous truth, let all creature merit sink, let all human glory pale, let all man’s boasting vanish, and let Jesus be all in all. Perish, forms and ceremonies; perish, rites and rituals; perish, creeds and churches; perish, utterly and forever perish, whatever would be a substitute for the finished work of Jesus, whatever would tend to neutralize the finished work of Jesus, whatever would obscure with a cloud, or dim with a vapor; the beauty, the luster, and the glory of the finished work of Jesus!"’

Sometimes we forget the assurance of these words, that at the cross of Jesus Christ we find it is finished. We dare not depend upon ourselves, but the finished work of Jesus. We dare not depend on our own righteous lives, but on the finished work of Jesus. Thanks be to God what Jesus did is more than enough to cover us. May we put our trust in those words, “It is Finished!”

What do these words mean to your life?

Can you give specific examples of how they change the way you live?


(SeanO) #2

For me, it is amazing both that Jesus had the authority to say “It is finished!” - to choose when to lay down His life - and that Jesus was willing to finish the work of the Cross - that the King of the Universe humbled Himself by taking on the form of a man.

That Jesus had the authority assures me that Christ is all in all - that He has authority over every power and every circumstance and I can find rest when He is my Shepherd. That Jesus was willing to come and complete the work of the Cross astounds me and reminds me that in the end God alone loves us completely - and when obedience seems hard it is utterly worth it because in the end it leads us into His rest - the Paradise of God - the family of God - the wedding feast of Heaven.