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Ivy's Questions from S3 E8 (Chapter 4, Pt. 2)

Ivy worded the question of the week a little differently in this podcast.

What one thing does God want you to do or say or think differently this week in light of who He is, in light of what pluralism is?

By the time she asked the question, I had already chosen two things to share, but I had to pause and think. Do my things flow from the character of God, or are they just appealing thoughts, shiny objects that caught my attention?

I appreciated the other questions Ivy asked at the end of the podcast, so I’ll share them here. Feel free to respond to any or all of them. This thread isn’t just for our one thing.

  • Where am I growing closer to Jesus as a person?
  • Where do I see pluralism leaking in instead of reliance on the reality of Christ?
  • Where can I find opportunities? Where am I hearing these kinds of ideas, these longings for good things, these assumptions that don’t really work, in the conversations that I’m having with my friends and family members?
  • What one question could I ask? What could I find out more about?
  • Where could I get in on a conversation?
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Here are my two things for the week.

1. I must quit procrastinating on finding answers to certain questions.
Shawn and Ivy challenged me as they discussed the need to do hard work to find the answers to our questions. I’ll quote Ivy.

If I have a question about Jesus and about God, do I really seek an answer, or do I give up, or do I shortcut, or do I never really get to the end? There’s a healthy doubt that drives us to a closeness with Jesus as our questions get answered or as we will learn what we can live with not getting an answer to.

I’ve had some questions about a hotly debated topic. I meant to study it this summer, but I haven’t even ordered the book I planned to read. I feared studying it would be an emotional drain. However, I need to remember what Shawn said in the podcast: “Truth is a person.” Seeking the truth will draw me closer to Jesus.

2. I need to embrace disagreement as an opportunity to strengthen relationships.
I hate conflict. I run from it. So Vince’s comments on pages 132-133 nudged my heart.

Merely avoiding disagreement and refusing to acknowledge difference, rather than working through these things, can lead only to a facade of the community we actually desire…We want the benefit of communion without the hard work, sacrifice, and service of others that it takes to get there.

I choose this week to thank God for disagreements and struggles because they are greenhouses where relationships can truly blossom.

So did I choose two things? As I typed them, I realize they are only one. This week I will say no to fear and yes to deeper relationships with God and people.

Jennifer, I can so relate with both of your take-a-ways. Thank you for sharing and inspiration to change.

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