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Where are you from? Ft Collin, CO

What led you to join Connect? Listening to the podcast.

I have two questions. Which I have been asked and don’t know how to answer. I am not a quick thinker. Is genesis an allegory or is it literal?

If God is loving shouldn’t abortion be the best thing for the child, since it would go to heaven? If we live our lives then we have the chance to mess up and not choose God. What is the purpose of being on earth? If God is loving shouldn’t we end up in heaven. Why would He die on the cross for just a handful of people? Aren’t we all ready living the consequences of our sins/judgement out on earth? Why should a loving God go on punishing us? Thank you!


JoEllen, I am so glad you found this forum, welcome! You have asked some very good, heartfelt questions. I am not going to attempt to answer them myself but shortly one of our more experienced members will be able to point you in the right direction. But I will say that I have heard just about all of your questions discussed on the RZIM podcasts, the answers to which are too lengthy for me to go into here. I pray you are satisfied with the information you will be provided with shortly to help you understand the questions you have asked! :blush:

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I recommend you post your questions to the #bible-questions thread! We would love to engage with these questions there!

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Hello JoEllen, welcome. I just read your introduction and your question and wanted to ask if the answers helped you. I found three more good contributions to Genesis:

Just ask if you have any more questions.