J.R. Brady


Where are you from? I hail from the beautiful Upstate South Carolina, USA.

What led you to join Connect? I have been blessed by RZIM ministries for many years and had the privilege to hear Ravi in person at an event in Clemson, SC when I was in high school. I enjoy the podcasts and videos that help answer my questions and encourage my apologetics skills. I came across this community through an topical internet search.

How do you hope to contribute? Although I am not in ministry or apologetics as a career, I have a passion for ministry and I think I can contribute another unique perspective to the conversation while learning from others! I am a 25 year old Christian woman, and I recently married my best friend: a wonderful Godly man! We are blue-collar people living in a rural area: I work in the animal profession as a dog groomer and he works in apartment maintenance. I grew up in a Christian family, on a small farm: the oldest of 7 children and had the benefit of a well rounded, at-home-education. I just graduated from Liberty University’s online program with a Bachelor of Science in Religion:Biblical and Theolgical Studies. I am active in our local church and a volunteer teacher in our area’s Christian homeschool group. I want to learn how bridge the gap between academia/theologians and the everyday American Christian. I feel like many of our Evangelical churches are somewhat apathetic when it comes to orthodox doctrine, church history, and apologetics. Based on my work with children and students who have grown up in evangelical churches, I see the lack of apologetics training and historical context for Biblical events. I am passionate about the need for literal, Biblical creation apologetics and believe that it is not such a non essential part of orthodoxy.


Wow! What a great introduction.
You are most welcome! @jrbrady

Yes, Ravi is indeed a unique Father and A great Mentor to us all. So also all the authors and speakers @RZIM. Am still a student, the 6th out of ten children. what a blessing to come from a large family like ours with all its uniqueness. Haha.
I understand that you are enjoying what you do and how you are impacting your community.

We hope to be bless with your testimony on how God is touching Lives around you.

Grace and more Grace
From Nigeria


Thank you for such a powerful, inspiring introduction! Welcome @jrbrady It is a blessing to have you here. Thank you for your heart. I came from a family of 7 also and I am the youngest. You have much to contribute here and I look forward to your thoughts and insight.

I totally agree here and I was one of them. I had no idea how to defend my faith when I was young. Thank you again, your introduction was wonderful to read :pray:


Welcome aboard @jrbrady. So glad you have connected with us to share your experiences and passion for ministry. I hope you find the discussions helpful. I think you will be able to help many here that do not have your experience or education. God-bless you and your journey.