Jack Roberts

Hello everyone! My name is Jack and I’m currently studying Youth Ministry and Theology at St Mellitus College in London.

I’m from a place called Worthing on the south coast of England.

I was led to connect through the teachings I have come across of Ravi Zacharias on YouTube. I follow Jesus but I have many questions and am currently at a stage of my life where doubts have consumed my mind and so I believe this platform will help me grow in finding answers.

I hope to contribute by sharing some thought-provoking questions whilst also reading and hearing all your answers and testimonies!


Welcome to Connect, @jackrobs! I’m so glad you have decided to come and join our community!

am currently at a stage of my life where doubts have consumed my mind

I know that this has to be a very difficult time and place in which to be, but I am confidant that you will find a great many of wonderful members here on Connect to listen to your doubts and questions and to try to point you in a helpful direction for some answers. I am praying for you now, my friend.

I look forward to reading your questions and seeing your interactions out on the conversation threads!


Thanks so much Josh - even hearing you’re praying right now touched my heart - thanks so much. Looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Hi @jackrobs, welcome to connect. I trust you will find connect to be very helpful in addressing those doubts. I too will lift you up in prayer :pray:t3: Please feel free to ask your questions and also share your thoughts, experiences and insight.
Take care