Jacqi Ericksom

Hello! My name is Jacqi Erickson, I am from Minnesota. I joined because though I have been raised in a Christian household I have doubts about Christianity and want to find the right answers. Right now I am skimming through posts and trying to get a better idea of what I want to ask.


Hi @Jacqi welcome to connect and thank you for your honesty! I trust you will find many helpful topics as you are browsing. My prayers are with you as you wrestle with your doubt. Take care :pray:t3:


Hi @Jacqi! So thrilled that you have come here and are continuing to seek in a time of doubt. Many of us here have gone through similar times. I know I have. I would love to engage in conversation with you whenever you are ready! Here is a tutorial on how to post your questions!


Welcome aboard @Jacqi. Seeking truth can be such a rewarding experience. Glad you have come alongside us to search. It is promised biblically that if you seek you will find. As the questions form in your mind please pray that the Lord would guide you to a discussion that helps resolve the doubt you may have. All of us have had doubts from time to . When those questions crop up and you feel like there is no answer or response please reach out directly if you feel comfortable. God-bless you and the journey that can provide an abundant life.


Welcome Jacqi, fellow searcher of the truth. Glad you have joined you have found a great source of info about the truth. My doubts created a hunger for truth. I have seen God in action, i cant deny His life changing truth.