Jake Jcj

(Jake Johnson Jcj) #1

Hi I am looking to understand more about Christianity compared to other faiths.

Where are you from? Mi , USA

What led you to join Connect? Watching speeches by Ravi with my friend

How do you hope to contribute? By learning

(Whitney Bowman) #2

Hello Jake! Glad you’re here! I look forward to learning with and from you out on the forums!

(Jake Johnson Jcj) #3

Thank you so much my goal is to share the love of Jesus. My passion is music. We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps proverbs 16:9. I Ike this one.

(Whitney Bowman) #4

It’s so encouraging to hear of your passion for sharing Jesus with others!

I’d encourage you to jump into the forums or create your own thread for a topic. There have actually been several threads on music in the last few weeks as well!

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(Heidi Mitchell) #5

Welcome, Jake!

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(Sieglinde) #6

Welcome Jake*:slightly_smiling_face:

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