James Anderson

Greetings brother and sisters
I’m a Christian, I love God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
I’m originally from Los Angeles. I served in the US Coast Guard for 30 years. I have great empathy and a strong mind to help others. I hope to learn more about our God, Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit and our obligation to serve others.

What led you to join Connect?

How do you hope to contribute?


Welcome aboard @James1. Glad you have joined up. Thank you for your service. I hope that the time you spend here is enjoyable for you. Love:

I look forward to reading your posts. With your empathy and desire to help you will be a huge blessing to this site. And God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome @James1, it’s wonderful to have you here and thank you for your service :pray:t3: I trust you will be a blessing. With so many hurting people, empathy and a strong mind will be helpful :heart: I look to reading more from you :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome, James! @James1
So glad you’ve joined :slight_smile:
I hope you enjoy looking around and finding a great topic to dive into- I’m sure many would appreciate your care and perspective.