James H


James from Southwestern Ontario Canada. I was raised in reformed theology and love to listen and read apologetic thinkers like Ravi, Lennox and Lewis. I discovered connect because I am looking for a forum to ask questions that might be best answered by a community of people who love asking questions! I hope to be able to contribute along the way as well and that you will find my contributions to be thoughtful, reflecting humility and grace. What I love about RZIM is the dignity with which dialogue is carried out specifically as it relates to other faiths. I am always impressed by the freedom Ravi and the team enjoy in sharing the gospel with so many different faith groups because of this commitment to dignified respectful dialogue.


Nice to meet you James!

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Hi @Ontario, welcome to connect. I loved your introduction and hope to read more from you as you engage here. Enjoy browsing the conversations and feel free to offer your thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, James. At Connect every serious question is welcome, as well as the questioner.

I appreciate that as much as you do and you will find the same loving attitude here at Connect. Welcome, James and enjoy your time here!

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Welcome aboard @Ontario. I agree with your assessment. They presentations are fair and dedicated. You have listed my favorite apologists and writers as well. Thereare so many very well read and caring members here that I trust your goals will be met. Participating is the 1st step and you have made that happen. I wish you the best as you go into this next year. God-bless you and your journey.

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