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Hello Everyone,

 My name is Jamie.I am from Nebraska. I joined connect because I am a questioner at heart and truth seeker since I was a child. I am a non traditional college student and in the fall will be entering into graduate school in my pursuit for a Masters in Social work. By joining I hope that I am able to add to this experience with intellectual and insightful conversation from my own journey.

Thank you for your time. Have a blessed and wonderful day.



Hi @JW1981,

Welcome! We have others from Nebraska in Connect - @Lakshmismehta comes to mind!

I love to hear that God has given you heart for both questions and truth since you were a child. I look forward to learning from you as we grow together in this community.


Hello Jamie, you’ve come to the right place to ask questions :smiley: There are also many intellectual and insightful conversations here at Connect for everyone to join. I look forward to reading your contributions.


I have a questions.

I have listened to many of Mr.Razi Z you tube posted lectures and questions answer session and I have been researching for a long time it seem apart of his insight as well. I am reading his book Why Jesus? It truly is a well spring
of information that has brought confirmation to what I see, and insight.

In one of his talks that I listened to, by the end his spoke of his prayer being for those listening and watching to become an apologist and or in apologetics.

What really does this truly mean, and how does one go about making turn from passion to purpose?

Because truly there is some many definitions of apologetics. I feel very drawn to this field. I take pride and enjoyment in seeing, seeking, and understanding and find truth that Jesus is in all aspects of life. I truly see the
connections in how Jesus is in and part of all things, and I am a person who does have a passion for people as well.

Therefore, what would your recommendation in my journey towards Apologetics as a researcher and speaker?


Jamie Welchert


Hi @JW1981! Welcome to Connect! Great to hear that you are from my part of the world (at least for now :slightly_smiling_face:, am originally from Mumbai). Its great to see your passion to grow in the area of apologetics. With your interest in speaking and writing, three training programs offered by RZIM that I can think of are - RZIM Academy, OCCA (Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics) and the Emerging Apologist Program.

There could be other options even here on RZIM which others are aware of. God bless your time here on Connect! May be we will cross paths in Nebraska! I :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @JW1981,

You may find this overview helpful:

I do think that Connect offers opportunity to love your neighbor in a way that will grow you as a follower of Jesus and as an apologist. Each question is an opportunity to pause, to pray, to research, and to share an answer to that questioner and their question.