Janet Lee

My name is Janet Lee. I am 70, a semi-retired pastor. I keep busy and involved through acting as Care Pastor at our church, Case Manager and Chaplain at a local transitional housing program for homeless persons, and pastoral counselor.
I landed here while looking for info as to the authenticity of the Israel Bible Center. I am feeling much more secure about this learning environment! Thank you.

I lived most of my life in small towns in the center of New York State. I currently reside in Florida (11 years now) and expect to stay here. I am widowed. I have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and (I think) 19 great-grandchildren. I am so blessed!

I look forward to participating in some of the enlightening conversations here!


Welcome aboard @Jlee. It is such a blessing to have you joining us at connect. Thank you for caring. Your background will be very helpful to many here I am certain. I hope you enjoy the discussions. God-bless you and your journey.


Thank you for the warm welcome. God bless!


Hello Janet! :wave: So happy to meet you. :smiley: I pray you feel welcomed here on Connect, and answers to the questions you are looking for. :eyes: Connect is a wonderful place to be encouraged, as well as, encourage others! :bouquet:


Thank you Pastor Janet for that informative intro. Welcome to you and a large blessed family.
I am a 65 year old semi retired Minister. I trust you will find Connect a great place to find fellowship and interesting discussions about the word and truth. See you around the forum.


Welcome on board Pastor Lee.

Thank you for all the welcoming messages!

You are highly Welcome!
Precious Janet (Grand Ma)
I wish to learn more from your great Experience in Ministry and Pastoral Counseling…
You are so encouraging and Great example to Us………
Congratulations for your Leadership and Blessings!
To God be the Glory!
Bravo Janet!