Janie G

Hello to everybody!
I’m originally from the US but have lived more than half of my life in Japan. I’ve been listening to RZIM podcasts and following their ministry for about 2 years. It has helped me in deepening my relationship with God and my local church. I recently learned about RZIM apologetics group in Japan. I’m excited to see how God is working in the 2nd largest unreached nation.

Honestly, though, I wish the Asia pacific hq of RZIM was based in Japan, but I also know that His plans are perfect for us, so I pray for His kingdom to spread in Japan and to every nation.

I’m not much of a writer and sometimes have trouble expressing my thoughts so I’ll pray that God leads me to contribute in whichever way I can.

How do you hope to contribute?


Hi @Wani
Great! You are most welcome to Connect. I am happy to have you join us from Japan.
I noticed your passion to reaching your community and nation because we are commission to go even to the ends of the world.

I hope to join you and all members of the connect family to pray that the Gospel spread faster in Japan. And also pray that your relationship with God deepens daily.
Am from Nigeria. And we like to use Japanese products in our homes and industries.

Let the blessings of Christ remain with you.


Hello, Janie, and welcome to Connect! :slight_smile: I’ll join you in praying for Japan and God’s work there through you and other believers. I assume you’ve found our Japanese forum area here on Connect?



Welcome aboard @Wani . So glad you have joined us. I love your heart and desires for Japan. Let there be rivival there! I trust you will take a stab at some writing. Let us know from time to time how we can pray specifically for you and the people of Japan. God-bless you and your journey.

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Thank you for the warm welcome all. it 's really nice to be among other believers, even if it is online. Until I can more easily navigate my way around this whole site, I will hang out at the Japan apologetics group and see if I can connect there.