Japeth Barbecho

(Japeth Barbecho) #1

Hi to anyone who will be reading this!

I am from the Philippines.

I was born in a family of Christians and so Christianity has been a part of me ever since. The problem with that is that I never truly understood it let alone appreciated it. For this reason I am much more of a thinker rather than a believer. The belief has been there but the understanding is nowhere. I am like an automaton Christian and its just recently that God has started revealing things to me through His Words. This cause me to seek something that will not simply let me feel Christianity by will make me understand more. I’ve come to RZIM when I stumbled an apologetics video of Dr. Zacharias, and that led me today here at Connect.

I do not know if I can contribute to wisdom or finance of RZIM for I am not affluent in both. But I’m 100% sure that I can pray for RZIM and its ministries, and Connect and all souls connected to it. May we all continue to live by His Word and glorify His Name.

(Patrick Prabhakar) #2

Hi @japeth, happy to know God has begun a new work in you through His revelation, want to encourage you on this journey with the below scripture:

Jeremiah 30:21 NLV
Their leader will be one of them. Their ruler will come from among them. I will bring him near, and he will come close to Me. For who would have the strength of heart to come near Me on his own?’ says the Lord.

(Keldon Scott) #3

Welcome aboard @japeth. So glad you are here. I am from Michigan. It is an honor to be able to write to a fellow brother in the Philippines. I encourage you to participate here frequently. Your faith and belief and your prayers are so very welcome and needed. You are a part of us already with your commitment and desire to pray for this ministry. I am certain that the questions that you may have will the addressed in a way that will encourage and help you on your journey. God-bless you and your journey. Please know you have friends already.

(Page Gallimore) #4

Thank you Patrick. That was encouraging to me at the same time.

(Page Gallimore) #5

Welcome, Japeth. I love your honesty. I can relate to growing up in a Christian family but not quite understanding what our family’s faith was all about on a personal, spiritual level. I also relate to feeling compelled by listening to Ravi Zacharias. I learned about him through being first drawn to the life and writing of Nabeel Qureshi. Thank you for your offer of prayer. That is so much appreciated.