Jared Brooks

Hey everyone!!
I’m Jared. Husband of 18 years father of 2 and recently at 40 decided to go to seminary school!
My family and I live about a hour south of Chicago. Hoping I can learn from you all. Looking to challenge and be challenged by you all. Had such a fantastic experience with the core modular class I wanted to keep going!!


@jbrooks1837 Welcome! Congratulations on finishing the Academy. There is nothing like more iron to sharpen iron. Let us grow together!

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Thank you Brendan!

Welcome to the community @jbrooks1837! Nice to meet you. Congratulations on a new adventure of going to seminary. I hope it is a meaningful and rich time for you. Glad you had a fantastic experience with the core modular class. I look forward to learning from you as well.


Thank you Rachel!!

@jbrooks1837 Nice to meet you!

Welcome aboard Jared, from southern West Virginia. Got 2 in the quiver are they a hand full?
I salute you Sargeant and thank you for the service to your community. Also for being part of His army fighting this battle on the front lines. Blessings and prtection to you and family.

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Hope you and your family are staying safe amidst our current national crisis.

Thank you so much Mike! Crazy times right now but it will only add to the Lord’s testimony! I read an article that said Christians in China are taking full advantage of this situation. Because everyone is wearing masks, they can share the Gospel without being detected!! Unreal the way our God works!

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Thank you Bettina! You as well. Stay healthy, God be with you.

Greetings from Chicago, @jbrooks1837!

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Hello KJ!

Looks like we are in the same neck of the woods!

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Pretty close!

What is the CS Lewis Institute all about?

Well, it’s a great complement to the work of RZIM. In fact, CSLI and RZIM have a pretty strong history of working together over the years, so I’ve been blessed to be associated with two wonderful ministries (I’m still part-time with RZIM).

At its core, it’s a discipleship ministry run in the legacy of C.S. Lewis (it was founded by someone who actually knew Lewis). The whole purpose is to build people up in Christ via discipleship of heart and mind.

That’s a very general description, but I like to say that CSLI points people to the work and person of Jesus Christ, helps them to grow to be more like Jesus Christ, and help them to enjoy the union they have with him (through the Holy Spirit).

We’re working on some online webinars with RZIM speakers in the coming weeks.
Shoot me an email at kj@CSLewisInstitute.org and I can make sure you get our notation of it.

Or, we could just catch up via a phone call some time. It’s always great to meet brothers and sisters in Christ!

I just love C.S. Lewis. Mere Christianity is a masterpiece. Through Lewis I was introduced to Chesterton. I’m grateful to have read them both.

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Oh, yeah. GKC is awesome!

Let’s do that! I’ll shoot you an email tonight. Meeting Christian’s and talking about Jesus is my jam! Lol

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Sounds good!