Jason Adams


My name is Jason Adams and I presently hail from sunny San Diego. I’ve been listening to Ravi and the excellent RZIM team for 20 years. This morning, while thinking and praying, RZIM Connect came to mind for a question I’ve been wrestling with, so I figured I’d join!

I look forward to sharing and seeing how we may spur one another towards Jesus in gracious truth.


Hi @jasontheadams, welcome to connect. This ministry has been a blessing to so many including myself. We are glad to have you here. I trust you will find this a very helpful place to post your questions and glean from the responses. I have learned much and I am still learning and growing. Take care, hope to see you engaging in the forums :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome aboard @jasontheadams. Look forward to following your question. Glad you are with us.


Hey Jason! @jasontheadams
So glad you’ve joined! I’ve already seen the question you posted- lots of responses :relaxed:

So glad you jumped in and asked! I hope you enjoy many more conversations in this community- I know I learn and grow each time I’m here…

Have a great day in sunny San Diego- sounds beautiful :sun_with_face:

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