Jason Rourke

Say hello…Good day!

Where are you from? Barrie, Ontario, Canada

What led you to join Connect? Encouraged by Carson to join plus I really like apologetics and if I can help in any way and learn at the same time, great!

How do you hope to contribute?I would like to be able to answer some questions people may have and in turn learn from others with the questions I have.


Welcome Jason! :blush:

We are happy to have you and hope you will florish and strengthen your walk with Christ here with us.

Im sure there is so much that you can teach us.

Looking out to seeing some post and comments from you

Grace and Peace


Hi Alisha
You are the first person to reply to me. I’m still not to sure how to navigate everything yet but will get there in time. Thank-you for your warm welcome! Looking forward to hearing about your thoughts in our apologetic conversations.


You are most welcome my dear
You can click the following link to be directed to the site’s tuturial page #site-feedback

It will come in time… Each one Teach one


Hello, @jrarourke, and welcome to Connect! It’s encouraging to see your servant heart to answer others’ questions, and I look forward to reading your posts. What stood out to you most from the academy (I assume Core Module)?


Welcome aboard @jrarourke. Glad to have you joining connect. I hope your experience is here can enhance your faith walk. This is a site where you will really enjoy apologetics. There are so many well read and carrying members. Participate as often as you are able. God-bless you and your journey.

Hi Brittany
Great question and difficult to answer because all the modules have there place in our lives for well-rounded apologetics. I know it sounds like an easy out, but I believe it to be true. I start the “Suffering” module this weekend. Looking forward to that one. Have you taken any other courses outside of the Core Module?


Thank you so much. Looking forward to journeying with you!

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Thank-you, Brittany! Looking forward to journeying with you!

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FInally I got on the ball and joined connect. good to see familiar people:)

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Hi Cynthia - welcome aboard ! Good to have another join who is passionate about Him and intelligent at giving answers. Looking forward to your thoughts.

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@jrarourke praying for you this morning! I put it on RZIM academy on your post but didn’t know if you would go back on now that class is over.

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Hello Jason! Welcome to Connect!