Jason S

Hello to the community of believers here at RZIM connect. My name is Jason and I live in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

What led me to join RZIM connect was to gain an increased understanding on topics that will assist me in Apologetics. The Lord has called me to preach the Word and as a new pastor, I want to be thoroughly equipped. RZIM has been an excellent resource to go to when I have questions.

I hope to participate in conversations that can help others in their walk with Jesus Christ.


Hi Jason,

Welcome to the Connect community, thank you for trusting us to partner with you on this journey of knowledge and understanding.

We have many topics for you to learn and dive :diving_mask: into about apologetics, your new congregation will be blessed by your diligence to seek a deep understanding of the scriptures.
“Seek :eyeglasses: and you will find, knock and the door :door: shall be opened, ask :speaking_head: and you will receive.”

I wish to present a resource to you, that I believe will be most helpful, the RZIM Online Academy.
Once you take the first course entitled Core Module, there are 8 different electives you can enroll in.
Christian Ethics Elective
Engaging the Modern World Elective
Why Suffering? Elective
What Does It Mean To Be Human? Elective
Islam Elective
Bible Elective
Faith Seeking Understanding Elective
Science Elective

Click on any of the above for a course description.

Should you need anything let us know, we are here to help.


Welcome to the connect @Jason.Paul! It’s a joy to have you join! I’ll be praying that God would give you wisdom as a new pastor.

God bless you on this journey!


Welcome aboard @Jason.Paul. It is good to have you joining connect with your background and cared. I think this will be a site for you to rely on for discussion camaraderie as well as study. Best to you in your ministry. God-bless you and your journey as well.


Welcome to RZIM Connect! @Jason.Paul


@Jason.Paul Praise the Lord that He reveals His plan to you! I hope you are blessed to share the truth of God to more people in your church!


Thank You!


Hola. Bienvenido a RZIM Connect! Y es grato poder estar compartiendo con cada uno, siendo yo también uno nuevo integrante de esta comunidad.