Jay Brigham

Hello, I am a father to five, a husband to one, and a sergeant warrior greatly desiring to sharpen my apologetic skill for the Kingdom of God in love.


I listen to the RZIM podcast and want to attend the academy.

To challenge other Christian warriors, through love to learn, grow and listen, by sharing what I am learning, in order to follow the truth.


Hello, Jay, and welcome to Connect! It sounds like God has blessed you with a wonderful family, and it’s to hear of your passion for spurring others on. Looking forward to learning more from you and hearing your questions.


Hello Jay. Fellow Pennsylvanian here. Pothole jokes aside, there is a lot of wisdom to learn traveling down the highway of RZIM.


Hi @Jrbrigham welcome to connect :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for your service :heart:We appreciate your zeal and look forward to your thoughts and insight.


Welcome Jay,

I am also new to this platform and looking forward to learning alongside you and the whole RZIM Connect community! :raised_hands:t3:


Hello Jay, welcome to RZIM Connect. I just joined as well and love listening to the podcast. I just listened to the “Who is God?” podcast while I went to pick up dinner last night. And my wife and I just finished the first class in RZIM Academy and I highly recommend it. It’s very good!D

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