Jay Clem

Hello everyone.

I’m from Missouri.

I am joining connect because I heard an ad for it on one of the RZIM podcasts I listen to and it sounded fascinating. I enjoy reading and studying so I’m looking forward to being part of this community.

I honestly fear my ability to contribute as I have Aspergers and could possibly come off very aggressively/rudely. I am mainly joining to read what others have posted.


Welcome Jay!!!


Hello Joe @Ambassador
What an amazing thing to have you join us. I am really sorry for your condition and trust that God will give you sufficient Grace to carry on to destiny. Am praying for you
Find time to explore the community at your passe, post your questions, testimony and contribution.

Grace and more Grace.


Hi, @Ambassador. What was the topic of the last RZIM podcast you heard? I’m glad you found your way here. I hope that you will quickly notice that Connect is open to all who are interested in the Christian faith. Everyone will be treated courteously and lovingly. I see that in the many contributions and discussions. Therefore from me a special welcome to you!


Hi @Ambassador, it’s so wonderful to have you here. I trust that you will find connect to be a safe community, full of grace, where we will handle each individual with care :heart: You may also be able to help us understand how to communicate effectively with those who have the same or similar disorders as yours. I do hope you will engage with us as God leads.
God bless you brother, I am lifting you up in prayer :pray: