Say hello…Hi my name is Jeanne; I am a retired high school teacher.

Where are you from? Southern California

What led you to join Connect? I just completed the Academy Short Course

How do you hope to contribute? I am unsure regarding a personal contribution other than to pray for Connect partners as opportunities come up. I am looking forward to learning and the challenge of applying what I learn.


Hi Jeanne, welcome to the forum of connect. I see you have looked around some, what do you think, did you like the course? I started out just sharing a little but found the community very welcoming and friendly. Thanks for joining and participating in the discussion.

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Welcome to Connect!

Welcome aboard @mombakery. I hope you are enjoying the forum so far and that you learned some from the short course. Was there anything that stood out that impacted you more than something else? Participate as much as you are able here. God-bless you and your journey.

Great to meet you, Jeanne - I was a high school teacher too - over 20 years. Look forward to hearing from you on Connect!

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Welcome Jeanne, :sunflower:

Congratulation on completing the short course. :woman_student:t2: That course, is such a wonderful intro into wetting ones appetite for the core module and electives that the Academy offers.

Please allow me to thank you, for all your years as an educator, :woman_teacher:t2: HS is not an easy field to teach on.

I have taken the liberty of providing a link below, to possibly help you find your niche here in connect. :tulip:

Finding Your Niche in RZIM Connect: Affinity Groups


Welcome Jeanne @mombakery. Glad you are here. Yes that short course was good. I’m on the core module now. Look forward to chatting with you.

God Bless You.

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