Jeef Walter Acal

Hi, my name is Jeef. I’m from the Philippines. I am a pastor of a small pioneering church. Even though I’m a third-generation pastor, my journey towards the gospel was difficult as I was full of doubts about Christ and the Bible. Ravi Zacharias and RZIM were instrumental in my journey towards Christ and the Gospel for which I am eternally grateful.
I hope to grow more in knowledge and all discernment that is why I am here. I want to connect with people who have a different perspective on Christ and the Bible.
I hope I can also be a blessing for anyone who seeks to pursue Christ in their lives.


Welcome to the forums @jeefwalter07. This is a great forum to nurture bible knowledge and spiritual discernment as well.
I look forward to engaging in conversation with you, and to hear some of your valuable pastoral insights!
Blessings from Australia


Hello Pastor @jeefwalter07

Welcome to RZIM Connect!
We’re so glad you decided to join us here.
I, myself, also live in the Philippines. My heart is always grateful when someone from my country joins us in this community.

I hope you find time to spend here where you can ask questions, receive thoughtful answers, and share your wisdom to us as well.

I’m so excited hearing from you!
Where do you live specifically, in the Philippines? I live in Rizal.

Best regards,


Welcome to connect @jeefwalter07. It is great to have another pastor joining our ranks. With your ministry experience you will be a very welcome addition to connect. Please do encourage new members or those who are struggling. Your intervention and care will be so much appreciated. God-bless you and your journey.