Jeff Krahn


My name is Jeff

I’ve often enjoyed watching RZIM videos on YouTube as well as reading RZIM articles. Thought it was about time I look a little deeper and try to join in the conversation.

I’m not sure how in depth I will be contributing at first, but I would like to comment on what I read first, and perhaps gain a better understanding for online sharing.


Hello, Jeff @jkrahn. I also like the videos and articles of RZIM very much. Especially the lectures in the Core Module inspired me. Do you know the Core Module? I can highly recommend it:

Glad you’ve joined us. Welcome to the Connect community :smiley:


Hi Jeff! @jkrahn
So glad you’ve joined us :blush:
This community is a great place to deepen understanding…to work out our thoughts on the things we read and watch with other Believers.
Enjoy looking around- lots of great topics out there!


Welcome aboard @jkrahn. Jump right in. Glad you chose come along with us. Any comments on what you read so far? Look forward to reading your posts.


Thank you all for the welcome.

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