Jeff Spanos

Hi I am Jeff Spanos

Where are you from? Sarasota, FL

What led you to join Connect? More education on sharing my faith.

How do you hope to contribute? I have an BA in Bible on Wheaton College, M.Div and M.A. from TEDS with 25 years of ministry experience in New England and over seas. Hope to help and learn from others.


Hey Jeff! @Jspanos4
I’m sure we will all benefit from your wisdom and 25 years experience in ministry. Thanks for joining Connect…looking forward to hearing your perspective on things. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Heidi. Ministry in New England gave me a unique prospective on sharing my faith. There is not a cultural Christianity any more so every idea has to be spoken of from foundations. Hostility to the Truth based on peoples personal desires was a constant conversation outside and inside the church. That way of thinking is starting to pervade the entire culture now as we have moved to post-modern thought.


Welcome @Jspanos4, it looks like we could learn a great deal from your experience. Glad you are here❤️

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I agree Jeff! @Jspanos4
I’ve been so burdened lately for those choosing what they “feel” should be right- instead of really desiring to know the truth. Thanks for your perspective on things! I have a friend from New England, and she often comments on a feeling of spiritual darkness growing up in NH.

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Heidi, the dark one has a foothold in New England to a large degree because the universities there were not protected from allowing liberal professors to come in and therefore change the minds of children raised in Christian homes. We visited a few to see if we would send our kids there. One famous school told our kids, with us present, that " your parents have raised you one way, or goal is to change your mind ." Very bold with visiting parents there. Blantant and unapologetic. Needless to say none of our 4 children went to that school. Prayer just like the 1st 2 North American revivals is key. I still pray for NE. Churches need to be prayer lighthouses and lovers if their neighbors.


amen! I’m with you, Jeff!