Hi, everyone,

I’m from the US, West Virginia specifically, currently living in Virginia just outside Washington, DC.

I binge-listen RZIM podcasts on my way to and from work, and heard about Connect there. I love RZIM’s honesty about hard questions, and its empathy for the askers. I’ve used a lot of online forums in the past and am happy to find a more positive, Christian one than most!

I’ve done graduate research on religious topics and know more than the average Christian about Judaism and Catholicism, as well as about differences between the various denominations. I don’t know if anyone will ever ask questions about those things here, but if they do, I’ll try to help. :slight_smile:


Welcome! I to have been very encouraged by rzim in general, and I also find the connect community to be very respectful and understanding in answering and posing questions…it’s a special thing!


Hi Jenni, welcome! I too really enjoy the podcasts. I pray God will use your background to connect and encourage others here. Have a great rest of your day!


Welcome aboard @HMA. I thank you for coming alongside us at connect. It sounds like your background will be perfect for helping here. Thank you for your willingness to assist in the subject matter that you are familiar with. He will be blessed by helping others here and many members will be blessed with your assistance. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi @HMA, it’s great to have you here, welcome​:slightly_smiling_face: I trust you will be a blessing to those seeking answers about Judaism and Catholicism, including myself. It’s great to have you here and I look forward to reading some of your insight :pray:t3:


Welcome from a fellow West Virginian, so glad to meet you Jenni. All types of questions arise here on connect, you will be delighted as I was and still am with the forum. God bless


Hey Jenni,

great to see you join our network of people, … some of whom are just one day longer than you on here. :smile:

Sounds interesting what you have been working on.

I am sure you can enrich the crowd and will be enriched yourself. I am also still exploring everything.

Blessings, Andreas


Welcome @HMA! Glad you are here!

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Hi Jenni and welcome to Connect. Great to have you join us and for us to also be able to learn from your knowledge on some very interesting subjects. :slightly_smiling_face:



@HMA Nice to meet you!