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Greetings from Warsaw indiana the orthopedic capital of the world!!! Many of my unsaved friends say Jesus and Buddha teach the same thing…love peace forgiveness. Please give a beautiful response to that. I wish there was a chart which compared Jesus to Buddha. I would love to sponsor event where ravi zacharias and Deepak Chopra discussed religion…i would promote it on pbs…a rumble in the Indian jungle…heavyweights have a conversation!!! Smile!!! Praise Him!!!

Where are you from?

What led you to join Connect?

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I have found this site as a help. I would not want you to think this end all be all but it give you a side by side comparison. Ravi wrote a book

You should find it very helpful.

Forgot to say welcome aboard.


Hello, @jenniferlcullins, and welcome to Connect! Sounds like your hometown has a pretty interesting claim to fame.

I’m looking forward to your discussions in the future about Jesus and Buddha. As you dig deeper, you may find some of these posts useful, too.


Welcome aboard @jenniferlcullins. I would love to see that event as well. I think some of the resources that were suggested are very helpful.There are several Issues that I kind of look to when in conversation about different world views. I don’t know if you have taken any of the Academy courses offered through RZIM or not. One is the core module which really sets an awesome foundation for the Christian world view. When we look at our origin, our source of meaning and moralities, as well as our destiny we can compare Buddhism. Also when you take Buddha out of their world view the tenets and claims remain the same compared to Christianity where if you take Jesus from the world view the entire world view is impacted. Destiny is a important perspective as well. Heaven is our destiny and we can know that we are going there beforehand. What certainty or assurance does a Buddhist have for any afterlife and what that afterlife is? Hope is a key aspect and I don’t know where a Buddhist finds it. Just a couple ideas to ponder. God-bless you and your journey.


Great suggestions!!!

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