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My name is Jen

I am from Kansas

I have burning questions that no one around me that no one is able to answer.

Before closely examining the “Table of Nations,” I believed that the Jews were only descendants of Noah’s son Shem who has Abram as a fore father. But, when I see that one of Japheth’s sons is Ashkenaz and one of Ham’s sons is Cush, who has a son, named Mizraim, I get so confused. The descendants of Shem settled in the eastern hill country from Mesha to Sephar. (Sephardic Jews)
Now, in Jerusalem, there are Ashkenazi Jews, Mizraistrong texthi Jews, Sephardic Jews, Ethiopian Jews African Jews (which are still upholding the ancient customs of the Israelites).

Who are the Jews?

  1. Are the real Jews actual descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

  2. Is being Jewish ethnic based or is it faith based like Christianity? ( believing/becoming)

  3. Does the blessing of Japheth in Gen 9:27 put the Ashkenazis under the covering of Abraham?

  4. Does having a Jewish mother in a mixed marriage make a child a Jew even if she is not a descendant of Abraham?

  5. Does the blessing of Japheth in Gen 9:27 put the Ashkenazis under the covering of Abraham?

  6. How can Ashkenazi Jews control the nation of Israel when they are not descendants of Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob?

  7. Am I just confused or is this whole issue a real hot mess that only God can straighten out?

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@MzO Welcome to Connect! So glad you’ve joined us. I pray that the Lord Jesus might guide you into all truth and open your eyes to His love more each day. If you have questions about Jesus, you’ve come to the right place. There are lots of folks here who would enjoy nothing more than to help you think through your question. Go ahead and post one in the applicable category and get started.

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Hi Jen, welcome here. This is a good place to ask questions - and to get answers. You asked a very deep question. Perhaps you would like to address it directly to Nathan Rittenhouse here: Ask Nathan Rittenhouse