Jenny Daniel

Hi :slight_smile:
My name is Jenny and I’m from India currently living in Bangalore. I wanted to join connect because of certain questions I have about God’s calling and how to know if I’m really hearing the Lord’s voice to go ahead and work full time for him and also to feel part of a community on a global scale. I would love to contribute in any way I can too :smiley: That’s my little introduction to this community :slight_smile:


Welcome, so glad to see you here. This is a great community of fellow believers. I am sure you will be thrilled with the loving interaction.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard @Jen97. So, what are sensing is your calling? Glad you have come along side us here at connect. Discover and explore. So many here who want to engage with you and pray for you. God-bless you and your journey.

Nice to meet you Jenny!

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Thank you @Keldon_Scott.
Well, I understand that we all have a calling to glorify God in everything we do but I have always had a burden in my heart to serve the Lord and his people full time. But I’m in the dilemma of whether or not I do this along with my secular job or without one. I’m just very confused on how to go about it. So that’s how I would answer your question in a summarized way. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @joncarp :slight_smile:

Hi Jenny!

Id say take this straight to God, he will always have the best solution for this. He will not put you in a position that you cannot handle, so. It may be you keep your current job, maybe even you can still serve God in this job. Or he may have a new job for you to do, take it to him and he will guide you as he is guiding me ^^


Welcome @Jen97!

You may find this thread helpful:

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Hey @Kriston139 :’)

Thank you for that :smiley: I guess the hardest part of this all is waiting on the Lord to show me his direction and plan …which is so much of a struggle for me to just wait on him

Thank you @Joshua_Hansen for that

Well then my question to you would be how do we clearly distinguish if that’s the Lord’s voice or my inner voice telling me to do something ?

By chance did you click on the link? Or just expand the comment? I forget how confusing the link sharing can be here sometimes. If you click on the blue letters there is a whole thread of answers, on of which will answer that question!

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hahah sorry about that… didn’t click it , quite new to all of this.

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Hey Jenny,
Glad that you are able to connect to the RZIM family.
I’m Paul Gideon from RZIM Team - Bangalore, we would love to connect with you when RZIM events happen in Bangalore.



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Hi Jenny and great to have you join the Connect family :slightly_smiling_face:. Looking forward to learning alongside you and fellowshipping with you on this site.

God bless


Hey @PaulGideon
That’s great :smiley: Keep me posted

Hi @Brian_Upsher
The feeling is mutual :smiley: