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Hello All,
I am from Greenville South Carolina and just finished the core module. I am enjoying developing a deeper connection with unbelieving friends and family. I’m excited about hearing their heart; discovering their past and what has shaped their life and world view. That was probably my most profound take away from the core module. Priceless!

I meet with my cousin in August, who’s an atheist. I’m reading a letter to a Christian Nation (which is a challenging, because it stirs up anger with in me), but he agreed today to listen to 2 podcasts of Ravi’s on Pursuing Truth. We are not trying to change each other, but to develop a better understanding and a deeper relationship with each other. I’m very thankful and excited about that! Praise God!

I’m looking forward to seeing what The Lord is doing in your lives as well.


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Hello @setfree72, I like your user name❤️ It’s wonderful that you got your cousin to commit to listening to the podcast! Welcome and enjoy🙂

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Welcome to Connect, @setfree72! We’re glad you’ve joined us. Well done on persevering through that Sam Harris book! I’ve not read it, but I am curious what it is that he writes that fires you up? From what I’ve heard, being inflammatory is rather his m.o. so I’m not all that surprised! Just curious what points he’s trying to make… :slight_smile:

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Good morning,
Sam Harris…like many atheists he takes the Bible totally out of context. His arguments are not valid and well constructed, they are opinion based with no concrete backing. Many of his statements are totally contradictory, but his followers treat it like gospel (including my cousin.) Harris blames all of the world’s problems on all religion, especially Christianity. Stating that the hope that we provide is false and cruel, ultimately evil.

It’s a really short book and you can probably find a free audio version through your local library. I’m going to search for a used hard copy today. This is one that I would like to highlight and make notes about. Many atheists that I know personally will make similar statement that Harris does in this book (I didn’t realize that until now) and I believe it’s beneficial to understand their “faith” in this fallacy. His book offends me because so many people believe these lies (Satan’s lies). However, it will make for a rich conversation, because I can understand their position better.
Jenny :grin:

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