Jerdone Davis

It’s great to be here. I’m a retired Christian Education professor from Erskine Theological Seminary. In retirement I teach healthcare courses (including the Nurse Refresher) at Greenville Technical College. I am a nurse with an active license and very interested in intersecting faith and science.

Clemson, SC

I attended the summer institute at Oxford in 2008, and both Drs. Lennox and Ramsden were speakers that week. It was phenomenal.

How do you hope to contribute? I’m just listening/learning.


Hello and welcome Jerdone, it is a blessing to meet you, thank you for being part of the health care team as a nurse. I am sure the intersection of faith and science as well as the human anatomy has much that deserves a intense look. The mystery of the human body not counting that marvelous beyond explanation gray matter between our ears baffles me for sure. Be safe in our current covid climate.


Thank you, Mike. It was heartwarming to hear Dr. Lennox and Michael Ramsden again. Thankfully, I am too old to be on the front lines of the current pandemic, but a lot of me would like to be there. Instead I am busy preparing my courses for being online for the rest of this semester and possibly for the summer as well. My last IN-classroom experience before lockdown I was teaching sterile processing students microbiology and infection control. The COVID-19 virus had just hit Washington State. By the end of the weekend our classes on campus had cancelled with an early spring break. Strange time in which we are living. Thank you for reaching out, and you be safe, too.


Hi @Jerdone_Davis, what a blessing it is to have you here. I bet it was amazing to hear Dr. Lennox and Michael Ramsden speak!
I really look forward to your insight should you choose to engage here :slightly_smiling_face: Enjoy browsing and take care :pray:t3:


Welcome aboard @Jerdone_Davis. Your experiences and wealth of knowledge will be helpful here I’m sure. Thank you for coming alongside us. I will bet your experience in Oxford was an awesome 1. Please do share and participate as much as you are able. God-bless you and your journey.


Thank you, sig. Yes, quite amazing. It’s going to take awhile to understand navigating this RZIM community. :slight_smile: I appreciate your welcoming to the group. How long have you been on this site?


Thank you, Kel. Your description of finding equitable and “loving” solutions for couples in distress is admirable. I appreciate your welcome here. It will take me time to learn the navigation of this site. How long have you been a part of RZIM Connect?


Wow, what an experience that must have been! I’m grateful you’ve joined RZIM Connect and I hope you find this to be a valuable place to listen, learn, and also encourage others in their journey to Christlikeness.


Dear Jerdone

Glad to know about your work. God bless you

Glad you’re here, @Jerdone_Davis! I wonder if you know either Seth Nelson and/or Matt Miller. Both are in your area, work in pastoral ministry, and I’m pretty sure Matt’s one of your colleague at ETS.
They are both involved with the C.S. Lewis Institute in Greenville, which is how I know them. They’re great guys.

All that aside, were you at the Summer Institute in Wheaton or Oxford in 2008?
If it was Wheaton, we were there at the same time.


Greetings back, KJ. Thank you for your welcome. Yes, I know Matt Miller. While I was on the faculty, Matt was an MDIV student. I don’t think he ever took a class from me. I do not know Seth. I’m not involved with the C.S. Lewish institute in Greenville, though I have a friend who is very involved now and he keeps me “apace” with their doings as does Matt.

I was in Oxford in 2008 and Wheaton several summers ago. I drove to Chicago, braving the toll roads, and met an Oxford friend who lives in California (she and I had met at the Institute that summer). I loved being at Wheaton and stayed in one of the dorm across campus from the Billy Graham Center. It was a delightful week! It was most likely around 2014’ish? Can’t remember now.
How did you get involved with RZIM?

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Thank you, and may He cause you to thrive during this pandemic!

Ah, well, my involvement with RZIM is a bit intertwined with the C.S. Lewis Institute, but ultimately I attended the RZIM Wheaton Summer Institutes pretty much every summer.

If you went around 2014, you may be attended the one where I served at emcee for the week.

But I ultimately just got to know everyone and ultimately joined the team several years ago.

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Thank you for your kind remarks. I have been with connect since the Beta testing was done. I met Carson through the summer Institutes. I have also taken the Academy courses. I love the heart of the ministry here and get to participate in a small way. Thank you for being here.

A little over a year. I’m sure you will get the hang of it soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome, Jerdone glad you can be a part of our family.

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