Jeremiah 29:11

(Mashinkah Bahston) #1

Just phone interviewed for a new job, and by God’s grace I saw the ‘exhaustion’ writing on the wall. Every challenge is not to be taken. Just waiting and believing God for my next post. Whatever God wants has to be amazing. He made us. He plans for our lives. He is faithful. I am resting in Him. Like many others. His timing. His provision. His life. I have to continue to be willing to deny myself and pick up our cross. God wants to use each and every one of us where we are. Come rain or shine. God is faithful.

What is impossible for man through God all things are possible. To Mary when she asked the Angel Gabrielle how can a virgin have a child? To the disciples who asked Jesus about the Rich Man going to heaven. And another in the old testament story, God constantly tells us He is the Living God there is no other. He made the earth. He created the universe. He is able. He asks us to ask. So I am LORD. Please lead and guide me to the position you have for me. Love you ABBA Father. “Is anything too difficult for Him?” — Nothing. You alone are able.