Jeremy Bullard

Hello from Southeast Alabama! I’m a longtime listener to Ravi, and following his ministry led me to other members of the RZIM team, both through their podcasts and, as with John Lennox, on YouTube or whether else I might find their speaking material.

I heard about Connect through the podcasts, and as someone with an interest in apologetics, I felt that joining this community might be the next logical step.

As to how I might contribute… well, I’m rarely at a loss for words or opinions :smiley:

I’m a husband, a father, a failed country music singer and a self-published sci-fi and fantasy author. Beyond that, I’m an adopted child and the child of a broken home. I’m a former divorcee, formerly interested in the occult, and a recovering pornography addict. So I bring a wide range of experiences to the table which no doubt only serve to make my longwindedness even longer :smiley:


Welcome aboard @nashdude. Sounds like you have a breadth of experiences that can help others. I hope you enjoy your time out here. Thanks for coming alongside us. Please feel free to share frequently. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi @nashdude, it’s wonderful to have you here! Sounds like you have an amazing testimony. If you feel led to share more, we have a category here for that.
I trust it will be a blessing and minister to many.

Ha ha! I think most of us are like that :laughing:
I look forward to reading more about you as you engage in the conversations :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Jeremy,

Welcome (from another newbie). Thanks for sharing a bit of your background as well. Isn’t it amazing how the Lord works so individually in each of our lives, and desires we be made more like His Son, not more like ‘each other’ (I, for one, am very glad not everyone is like me). I look forward to reading your questions, insights and defending the faith together, even while we may be many miles apart.

God bless.