Jesse Ryan

Hi everyone, I’m excited to connect here to celebrate Ravi’s life.

Trinidad & Tobago/Canada.

Ravi was a father figure to me from a distant and his ministry impacted me tremendously.

I’m an artist and I hope to share some of my illustration in tribute of Ravi.

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Greetings @Jesse_Ryan I, along with many others, welcome you into this Connect community.

Thank you for sharing the tremendous impact that Ravi has had on your life -

What a beautiful tribute in itself. You are in good company here as Ravi has many spiritual sons and daughters in this community. We are grateful for the blessing to meet one more. :slightly_smiling_face:

We would love it. You may post it at this link if you prefer: #ThankYouRavi

When you have the time, I encourage you to check out Connect. I joined about a year ago and have learned so much and met a lot of wonderful people along the way. We welcome your post, questions and contributions to this forum and hope we have the opportunity to further dialogue with you.

Grace and peace to you,
Mary Beth


Hi Mary,
This is the link but I’m having a hard time sharing it to the #thankyouravi conversation stream. Can you help me?


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Welcome @Jesse_Ryan. So glad you are here. That would be awesome. Look forward to chatting with you. Feel at home.

God Bless you.


Hello @Jesse_Ryan. I see that you were successful in posting your tribute. I have not had the opportunity to read it yet, but I plan to very soon. Thank you for taking the time to share with us and Ravi’s family the impact he had on your life.

Again, we welcome you to this community and hope to have the chance to get to know you better.

Mary Beth


Yes thank you!