Jesson Jose (Mumbai)

Say hello…

Where are you from?

What led you to join Connect?
To network and stay in touch

How do you hope to contribute?
Speaking, brain storming, networking, etc.


@Jesson_Jose, Welcome! I look forward to sharing contributions with you.

Welcome from way over in West Virginia USA. So glad you joined, connect is a beautiful place to do all that you are looking to do. May I encourage you to share, as you are led by His Spirit, a testimony of praise of how He brought you to Himself. Thank you Jesson may His light shine on your path.


Welcome aboard @Jesson_Jose. Thanks for coming alongside us. Enjoy the conversations. I hope that this forum helps your understanding and enable you to engage with others in a connected way. God-bless you and your journey .

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Hello Jesson,
Welcome to RZIM Connect. I pray you grow in faith in Jesus Christ <3


@Jesson_Jose, Welcome to Connect! I miss Aamchi Mumbai! :slightly_smiling_face: Some of my best childhood memories are from Mumbai. A lot seems to have changed in the religious climate since I left Mumbai several years ago in the 90’s. Look forward to hearing more from your experience now as a Christian in Mumbai.


How can I join rzim connect through an app? Can someone please help?

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Google Play Discourse