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Jesus Among Secular Gods: Chapter 5, Pt. 1

I listened to the episode titled "Jesus Among Secular Gods: Chapter 5 Pt. 1 today and may have made a connection to the topic of humanism. If I was following correctly, the discussion lead to things like positive talk. This led me to think about where I see this today, and one of my first thoughts was the “word of faith” movement. The preachers in this (what I believe heretical) movement often say things like you need to speak positivity into your situation; if you want it you say it; I don’t get sick because I never talk about getting sick, etc. Would this be an example of a form of humanism?

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That’s a great question! I’m still having trouble figuring out humanism. Some secular humanists reject theism and other supernatural beliefs. (See the American Humanist Association quote on p.146.) These humanists would not include the “word of faith” movement in their belief system.

However, Norman Geisler included Christian Humanism as a category (p.154). Ravi also mentioned the influence of Eastern mysticism on humanism (pp.147-148).

When people mix supernatural beliefs with humanism, are they following a unique form of humanism, or are they mixing two very different things, just like some people try to mix faith in Jesus with another religion? Is there ever a point at which there is so much supernatural mixed in that it’s no longer humanism?

Great questions! I have wondered those also.

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