Jesus challenges culture's understanding of Christianity

Dr. Jo Vitale is looking at 5 key questions Jesus asked within the Scriptures. Today, we’re talking about a question that reveals Jesus’ character and challenges culture’s understanding of Christianity.

If they’re going to reject Him,He’s determined that they reject him on the basis of who He actually is, rather than for poor excuses.

As my colleague Sam Allberry puts it, "Don’t judge Jesus by the church, “judge the church by Jesus.”

So many times I’ve been in a conversation with someone who’s rejected God, but when I asked why, and they tell me about the God that they’ve rejected, my response has been, if that’s what God is really like, I would have rejected Him too.

I don’t want to be a poor representation of Christ. If they reject Him, I want them to reject Him, having seen the best of Him proclaimed in my life.

Make it personal:

  • What are some common misrepresentations of Jesus in your context?

  • How does your life demonstrate evidence of being transformed by the reality of God’s love?

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It is truly sad that the Church has been a legalistic entity instead of the loving accepting figure of Jesus. Who accepts people as they are.
I recall that song, “just as I am” but feeling accepted as I was with the mindset I have to clean up my act first.
Come to think that is more than likely why I was alone when I surrendered to Christ. Genuine love will reach were no human can.

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