Jesus outside of scripture, I need lots of credible sources!

Secular Evidence. Can someone direct me to a book, podcast, website, or resource that will share credible evidence as well as numerous evidences of Jesus outside of scripture. I’m aware of Pliny the Younger, Tacitus, and Josephus. The Atheist Experience seems to say that there are few and not credible sources for Jesus.


Here is a link that lists some outside sources it includes the ones you mention and some others. But the biggest thing is you need to be able to show that the Bible is the best source. Not because you are Christian but because the Bible is a historical document unmatched by most when it comes to how well preserved it is.

Here’s the link :

Also here are some scholars I would recommend on the reliability of the Bible:

-Neil R. Lightfoot “How we got the Bible” Third Edition

-Bruce M. Metzger, Bart D. Ehrman “The Text of the New Testament: Its transmission, Corruption, and Restoration”. Forth Edition

-Arthur G. Patzia “The making of the New Testament”

-F.F. Bruce “The Canon of Scripture”

-Micheal J. Kruger “Canon Revisited”


Thank you. I will look into these. I just read an article by William Lane Craig that was helpful too. I noticed that one of the authors of the books you mentioned Is Bart Ehrman. I’m familiar with him and know that he use to be a preacher but has sense become a skeptic. I have a son that went off to college, came home with skeptical questions, and right now his worldview is ‘I just don’t see enough evidence to support the Christian God’.

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This is a great topic. You will find a number of great threads on connect. Any topic can be commented no matter its age. Would be very interested in your thought and comments as you peruse the links. Here is a link.

here is a link.

And here is a book.

Here is link a to a National Geographic article.


I know that this very important to you but is your son oppose to just the God of the bible or any worldview that is built on a Deity?

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Jimmy, thank you. I’m kind of a novice at this.


It’s strange. He grew up in the church and knows the scriptures better than most. He sent me this text a few months ago, “I don’t believe in God, but I’m not going to act like I know he’s not real.” That doesn’t make sense to me. I think he wants the Christian God to be the one true God, but he wants 100% proof. He’s a very good debater. He’s also said these things…

  1. I’ve never experienced God. 2. The Bible contradicts itself. 3. He has problems with Exodus 21 where God seems to condone slavery. 4. He thinks God created evil in Isaiah 45:7. 5. He has said if God is the same yesterday today and forever, then why did God change his plans? 6. If God is a god of order then why are there so many worldviews, denominations, and religions? Why doesn’t God just come out and say, I AM GOD!"

Brother I have been on both ends of that one, both as the prodigal son and the expectant father. I know that this is small consolation but as fellow believers part of what we are called to do is support and encourage each other in the ruff patches.
Are you familiar with the Bible Project? I have found it very good ministry tool in helping people to better understand the Bible. It makes use of animation and sound theology and appeals to the “just the facts please” mindset that a lot of modern day young folks are being schooled in. Here is a link.

I will keep you and your son in my prayer. God bless you and yours

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There are two things I thought immediately (and I don’t know how far I would push the first one because I’m not sure it will be helpful)

  1. I wonder how many people would ask for something outside of math (or science) to prove that it is true.
  2. I would ask him what kind of evidence he thinks he needs.

Actually perhaps #2 is better served in figuring out what his beliefs are around origin, meaning, morality and destiny.

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@chriswkiger Just from reading the points he brought up majority of his arguments are emotional. Just keep in mind that while you may be able to answer every question correctly that doesn’t guarantee that he will change his mind. The reason may be that there is something more going on personally in his life.

I would buy him the book “The Case for Christ” by Lee Stroble and “Is God a Moral Monster” by Paul Copan. That will get him started if he’s serious about finding the truth. If he’s not serious about finding truth then there’s only gonna be but so much you can do besides praying for him. I would also recommend videos by frank turek. Here are some more links.

With the question about God staying the same the bible is talking about his character. Gods integrity never changes. With the question about denominations God gave us free will so while he is a God of order we have a choice to obey him and succume to his order or define that for ourselves. Also while there may be different denominations there is one thing that unifies the body of Christ and that is his death, burial and resurrection. The resurrection is the core of Christianity and that’s the one thing that keeps us unified.

And God did come out and say he was God. That was Jesus. He claimed to be God multiple times in the Bible. There is a difference between reading the Bible to find issues and reading it to resolve issues. I could definitely be wrong but I’m wondering if your son is reading it the first way.


You and your son have been in in the back of my mind for a couple of weeks. I was reading an article on the inerrancy of scripture. It pointed me to a video taped lecture by Michael Heiser given at a Calvary Chapel church. What was interesting about the lecture was that he presents it as a lecture from the POV of a typical liberal college professor as he sows the seed of doubt. There are 3 sections, 1 hr each all from the same lecture. I highly recommend that you and your son view it together. God Bless you both.

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Here are some @chriswkiger
The Talmud
Thallus - Samartian historian
Lucian - 2nd century Greek writer

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From a scientific / logical point of view, I have been helped immensely by John Lennox, who writes in a clear flowing way.

His recent book ‘Can science explain everything?’ is a nice small size. There is a debate with Peter Singer and an interview regarding this book as well.


@chriswkiger I have this book in my library:

I think it will have what you need.

Cheers and blessings,


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Could you please share that article by W. L. Craig with us? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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