Jesus's conversations reveal the nature of God

Dr. Jo Vitale invites us to step back from our own questions and instead focus on those Jesus asked during his time on earth. Jo Vitale explores what the inordinate amount of time Jesus spent in personal conversation tells us about the nature of God.

Asking questions is how you show that you care about somebody. That you’re not just interested in telling people who you are but you’re eager to know who they are.

Jesus knows better than to assume that the way things appear on the surface are going to accurately reflect a person’s true desires.

As you’ve had to pull back from life as usual over the last weeks perhaps that forced distance has given you some perspective on areas of life you realize you’ve just learned to live with. But in all honesty you know you’re not truly alive. Do you want to be well? If so, then let me commend the person who not only has the means but the desire to do something about it. In the words of Jesus, ‘it’s not the healthy who need a doctor but the sick.’ ‘I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.’

Make it personal:

  • What questions do you ask people to get to know them better?

  • Do you want to be well?


Provoking thought…thanks for sharing, @CarsonWeitnauer. I’d like to hear what Jo has to say tomorrow (the kiddo is trying to fall asleep).

To be honest, questions I would pose initially trying to get to know someone would probably be light such as a “what (noun or adjective here) do you like?” question. If I were to roll back the clock to high school and college days when I was more engaged and energetic, specifically at camps, forums, and the like, it was easier then to ask more meaningful questions. Sometimes the setting and expectations played into that. (It’s easier to act when you feel validated in your actions.)


Naturally this question requires a question of
1 have you just met them,
2 has a casual relationship evolved with them, such as small talk, is ok,
3 lastly are they comfortable with you as a good friend.
Each level has boundaries, depth of question asked? Where is the line I cannot cross right now, using discernment.

In order of progression
I always prefer to develop a basic raport with
(Six degrees of separation is a good way to engage with them to establish and find some commonality.)
this takes place before engaging them in politics or religion. Usually a big turn off for most.
Test the waters with simple questions that are not threatening in nature, dont interogate but interrelate and as they become more at ease with you step it up and share how you feel about the social climate at the time. Followed by a question that needs an answer not just a yes or no.
Speaking generalities here but for more,
Specific questions it really depends on what i see, sence, in thier words, actions or feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to ask.

I know this may be semantics but here goes. I would rather be made whole,
complete no spot, blemish, or illness of any nature.
Whole; in an unbroken or undamaged state; in one piece.
Well; i have experienced what it means to be made well and will again.
Can we be made whole while here on earth?
Yes I believe we can, but until then.

And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.
II Corinthians 12:9 NKJV



Lovely Honest Video! Thanks for sharing

To be honest , I have to know what is the dynamics of the relationship with the person I am asking the questions. Its kinda akward and invasive to ask a complete stranger deep intimate questions about their soul #creepy :woozy_face:. Dont get me wrong , the Holy Spirit might give you a word of knowledge and it works out fine , but im sure for most of our encounters it is not like that.

I typically ask persons questions about themselves to get them to open up . I also share a bit about me to loosen any tension that might be there . After getting to know them better then I ask more personal questions whenever and however I am lead.

Do you want to be well?

I dont want it I NEED :tired_face:to be well . Over the past couple of week God has really been stripping me of some learnt behavior and revealing toxic traits I have been holding on to. We can be in bondage for so long , that freedom looks scarier than your comfort zone.

My life scripture at the moment is

2nd Timothy 1 verse 7 : God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind

For years I have operated from an anxious and frightened place and the closer I get to Jesus and and see his glory the more I see my wounds . I get stubborn with coming to grips with what PEACE really demands (letting go of the past and trusting Jesus through the process).

I tend to self sabotage and revert to learnt behaviors when triggers happen . God has shown me that he wants the best for me ,but I have to want it for myself . Im happy that only thing required is faith as small as a mustard seed , because sometimes thats all I have :relieved:


Thank you for your honest remarks about what God is helping in you. Pieces of your struggle sound familiar. I can reason why I think or act a certain way, but understanding why doesn’t make it okay for me to continue there if it’s not pleasing to God. Thank the Holy Spirit for shining a light on these things. I think it was David Wilkerson that I heard say God reveals to heal.


Hello Alisha, I trust you are well?
Our title Gods conversations reveal His nature.
His word is our conversation together with Him and the Father.
There is a dynamic between Jesus and the Father that I have longed for since coming to Him many years ago.
One of the plagues to that dynamic are the voices from my past.
I see that dynamic between Jesus and the Father this way.
Jesus knew who He was what His purpose was who He was in the Father, though he had all the questions all His life that can be seen as we study His word.
His family had a problem with Him, the church had a problem with Him they called Him mad at one time. All those voices never stopped Him from doing and saying what He was called to do.
I lack that full dynamic that Jesus had with His father because of those voices from the past that slowed my understanding of who I am to the Father and Jesus and not what people say i have been through my life with or without Christ in it.
That dynamic that Jesus possessed with the Father continues to push me to press in because it is more about what He knows than what I know.

Take care out there.


Thank you! Very helpful.
I recently learned a way of communicating with people I meet for the first time.
FORM is an acronym that guides in asking questions.
F= Family/From
O= Occupation
R= Recreation
M= Message ( what we want to “sell” them)

The first 3 just help us to win their confidence (if we are like Jesus, with a winsome personality and a pleasant disposition) , and then the question to address their need which we sense through conversation comes in. In this case, Jesus sold wellness based on his need.

An easy topic for me to start my message question is Grace. It works!


Something that I have found in this age that often provides immediate access to asking relatively benign questions that will often open the door immediately to a suddenly alarmed or despondent person sharing some of the most trusted information in their lives to me and thus affording me the opportunity to perhaps tell how Christ has touched my life in a similar circumstance and tell of God’s assurance is the “smart phone”.
I cannot count the times in the last few years where I have been in the presence of someone I knew only casually and they have taken a phone call which was obviously upsetting to them, and by simply asking, " is everything okay ? " or " do you want me to come back later ? " and then been given the most intimate details of distressing situations involving , sickness, marriage, children, nursing homes, hospitals, impending death .
I don’t know what it is about the smart phone but I suspect that in these situations the person has
already in a sense made you a party to their troubles by taking such a phone call in your presence .
Just by being there, in their mind you are immediately made a party to their troubles and they seem to have no further reluctance in giving you all the details and engage with them concerning God and the the strength that He alone gives, sufficient to bear the burdens and responsibilities of life .
Many times through your own similar circumstance .
These are conversations that before the smart phone I would have never imagined having with people I know only casually or people that I have just met .
It is amazing to me how the advent of the smart phone so frequently removes the hinderance that once existed in casual acquaintances sharing their anxiousness at the dark and forbidding mountains that have suddenly arisen in their lives .
God’s Grace at work in these days of technology .
" As thy days, so shall they strength be," ( Deuteronomy 33:25 )

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