Jewish Evangelism

Hi all,

Does anyone know if RZIM offers any resources to help with outreach to our Jewish friends and neighbors?

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Mary Beth


Hi Mary!
I don’t know about RZIM, but I know this website It’s really great and insightful since it is run by Jews who became christians.
Have you had any previous discussions with some of your Jewish friends? What did you find most puzzling?


Hi Sara,

Yes! I agree with your assessment about ‘One For Israel’. I am always encouraged when I listen to the testimonies of what God used, said or did to bring them into a relationship with Him and the wide diversity of backgrounds and circumstances involved.

I live in an area with a very high Jewish population. One of my favorite things is to see the ‘black hatters’ (orthodox) walking to synagogue on Shabbat and the amazing respect they have for the Torah.

When we first moved into this area about 10 years ago it was a surprise to me to discover how many of my questions were met with one word: tradition. I have come to believe upon further questioning it’s a matter of not really understanding their own beliefs in many cases.

I have had the privilege of celebrating holidays, attending different synagogues and temples, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs and recently a stunningly beautiful Torah dedication. Trying to navigate a relationship of respect that keeps the doors open for discussions of faith without coming across as proselytizing (door slam) has been tricky. I have erred on the side of asking lots of questions about the Torah or their beliefs about a particular thing and sometimes I’ve felt led to share my beliefs.

What about you? Have you had any opportunities to share or challenges in trying to share your faith? If so, can you tell me what has been beneficial or effective? What do you find intriguing? Any advice?

Thank you!
Mary Beth

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Hey @MaryBeth1! I live in Egypt, so we don’t have any Jews over here :smile: But I would have been eager to talk to them about what those traditions really meant, about whether they would discuss Isaiah 53 or is it really ‘forbidden’. I don’t know but I see myself poking the elephant in the room at once! The Messiah! That would lead to many discussions later on: what’s God’s plan for humanity, how God is preparing for salvation throughout Torah, the prophecies…

I think that is absolutely the most important thing. Only in a context of relationships we can create a space for others to drop their guards and share what they truely think and are receptive to what you’ve got to say. I think the way you are developing a genuine interest in what they believe in and how they think, is really Biblical. I always imagine Paul that before Acts 17 in Athens that he must have read or studied the philosophies and cultures of those nations that he might be able to evangelize to them later on. I pray that God uses you among them dear Mary!

1 Like is another solid organisation.


I second that request. I have wondered if churches leave that up to the Messianic movements.
I joined a well-known Messianic group in order to join in this type of evangelism but found that they - and most other such groups - have embraced the teachings of Judaizers.
They say that because they want Jewish believers to not be unnecessarily offended, they have their services on the Sabbath, and use a synagogue liturgy. That sounds okay on the surface, but if you stay around long enough you find out that actually they believe that it is more pleasing to God to embrace the Mosaic laws - Sabbath observance, following a kosher diet, circumcision; “Torah observance”.

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I agree. ‘Jews for Jesus’ is a well known outreach and evangelistic organization. I am not familiar with the other one. I will look them up. Thank you for the recommendation.

Mary Beth

I have a friend who is messianic and I asked her recently if she had any interest in attending a messianic congregation. She mentioned some of the things you did and said her personal preference was attending a Christian church.

Being in a highly populated Jewish area, I sometimes wonder what Jesus’ household was like on Shabbat and the high holy days.

Mary Beth

Hi Mary Beth,

Peter had a difficult time when God gave him the vision of the net loaded with unclean animals and said, “Arise Peter, kill and eat.” So the disciples would have observed the Mosaic Law. Jesus would have observed the Mosaic law, there are several references to his being in Jerusalem on high holy days and being in the Temple. The disciples apparently attended prayers in the Temple following Jesus’ death and resurrection, but would not have been sacrificing animals for their sins.

But following his resurrection, Jesus did tell Peter to arise, kill and eat unclean animals. Paul also said that if righteousness could be gained by the law, then Christ died for nothing. Paul told the Galatians that he marvelled that they were turning so soon to a different gospel. Paul did say that he wished the Judaizers would extend what they cut off during circumcision. And Paul said “let them (the Judaizers) be accursed.

The Messianic movement of today would have us take a black marker to all the comments Paul said that were intolerant of the Judaizers. They are free to do so. The world will applaud.

Ros Farmer