Jim swinnerton

Hello. I’m Jim Swinnerton

I am a retired history teacher from Buffalo, New York

What led you to join Connect?
I became interested in RZIM about six years ago when I felt the Lord calling me back after a long period of spiritual lassitude. Ravi’s book, “The End of Reason,” and several others were instrumental in that process.
How do you hope to contribute?
I believe that my personal experiences of having once been seduced away from my faith by intellectual skepticism and disillusionment about religion, and then years later, returning with greater conviction about Christianity than ever, can be useful in helping others who have dealt with the same kinds of struggles.


Welcome aboard @Swinndog. Thanks for coming along side us. So happy for your renewed vigor. What do you attribute in particular the return? I think you are so right about how you can contribute. Your witness and guidance will be such a blessing to many. God-bless you and your journey.


Jim, that is extremely encouraging! My younger brother is currently in a similar situation of having left Christianity as an intellectual agnostic. We have good conversations and a good relationship. Perhaps you could share a bit on how your transition back to faith started. I know you mentioned Ravi’s books. Did someone share those with you, or were you searching on your own? I feel with my brother that he is content in his knowledge and confidence in science and evolution, and because of that the thought of God is a nice source of hope for some people but not intriguing enough for him to investigate completely.


Hi James! @Swinndog
Welcome to Connect.

So glad you’ve joined us! - My husband is a History teacher, too - he’s 10 years in, so you’ve got him by a few :wink:

I hope you are enjoying this next season in life- especially coming to know Him in a deeper and real sense several years ago. I love the part where you said:

Such an encouragement to hear the way He is able to impress His Spirit even fuller and more complete despite a time of disconnect. Thanks for sharing a bit of your story here.

I’m sure others would love to glean from your wisdom here in Connect.

Enjoy looking around and diving into the many great topics and conversations :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Jim, it’s very encouraging to hear how you have found your way back and are now more convinced of Christianity than before. Some others here have been through similar things, like Bruce and Jackie. And I am sure that your experiences will be a great encouragement to many others. Welcome to Connect, Jim.

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