Jn Denis Ganthier

Say hello…Hello,
Where are you from? Haiti

What led you to join Connect? I studied with Rzim academy, it was a so good experience that I want to keep in touch with you

How do you hope to contribute? I don’t know yet… only God knows!


Welcome! God bless you! You will enjoy sharing the Lord with this community!
Angela WG

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Hello and welcome to the connect forum. It is a hope that we all will connect in our love for Christ and share in our pursuit of truth. May your journey be full of love and nurture through His redeeming word and wisdom from all as we grow in deeper faith. I knew a young man a long time ago that was a on a missionary trip with a ywam team. How are things there with the virus?

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Welcome to RZIM Connect @ecolorigal :heart::smiley:

I have been following Ravi for 25 years now. I have seen hi in person and on christian broadcasts.

Welcome aboard @ecolorigal. I hope this message finds you well. How are you coping with the pandemic in Haiti? I presume when you indicated that you have studied with the Academy you have taken some of the courses or at least the core module? Congratulations on completing those. How did they impact you? I’m glad to see you joining us. God-bless you and your journey.

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