Jo Robertson

Hi all, not very good at this sort if thing, but I’m here to give it a go…

I live in a small locality on the Mid North coast of NSW Australia. As you may or may not know, we here on the eastern part are experiencing the worst drought in living memory according to the experts. Thus now having horrific bushfires. Despite the devastation and horrific cost many experiencing, it blows me away the generosity and selflessness so many have shown. Times like this brings back hope in what seems like loss of social connections, empathy and unconditional love.

I suffer severe chronic anxiety PTSD. I find it extremely difficult to be in social situations. So i find my “spiritual” connections mainly through listening to pod casts/ utube etc. Not so long ago I stumbled across Australian Christian Blog/website and was introduced to Michael Ramsden, from that I found connect.

I have absolutely no idea how I will contribute, but I am looking forward to see what unfolds.


Welcome Joanne and we are very blessed to have you join the Connect family. I live in New Zealand and have seen quite a bit on the news here of the horrific fires in your homeland. My prayers go out to you and to all the people affected by this natural disaster.

On the contributing front if I had to give any advice I would say just to start by enjoying looking through the site and meeting the members who are now bound to be looking forward to send you a welcome message. Just write as yourself and tell us what you think about whatever topics you feel comfortable contributing into. The only time I might become a bit judgemental is when Australia beats New Zealand in sports (which hardly ever happens as we both know) :slightly_smiling_face: .




Welcome Jo! So good to have you here! :blush:

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Welcome aboard @Joanne_Robertson. Michael is such a great speaker. :slight_smile: Glad you found us too. This may be the very forum you need. The discussions are very thorough and kind. I hope that this site is a blessing in your faith journey. Your presence here is already a blessing to us. Please participate as frequently as you are able. God-bless you and your journey.


Nice to meet you Joanne!

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Hello Jo,
I know people who deal with PTSD, may I say I am proud of you for reaching out to connect. I have found nothing but loving caring concerned people as I have posted thoughts and questions regarding truth. May your continued journey be fruitful and full of joy.


Hey Joanne,

I am so sorry for the conditions your family and the country of Australia :australia: are currently facing.

Micheal Ramsden happens to be a favorite speaker of mine, I enjoy his humor and depth of knowledge of the scriptures and have watched him many times on youtube.

There are times in life we are in a position to give, but maybe during this time in your life, you can simply receive from the connect family. :sunflower:

We are a community that strives to honestly answer your questions of faith, God, the Bible, etc., in a safe place, so you may process the information given w/o out the anxiety of a physical social setting.

Look around our site, read the posts from others, :open_book: ask questions, and hopefully you can glean some peace from our connect family. :tulip: