Joanne Marie

Hi everybody! My name is Joanne-Marie or JM from the Philippines. Grateful to be a part of RZIM Connect.

I’ve been watching Mr. Ravi Zacharias and had been blessed with the God-given wisdom he shares as he gently and lovingly answer a lot of questions that I myself are having a hard time grasping or answering at times.

I’m excited (and nervous :wink:) to learn more from the RZIM Asia team for the upcoming Emerging Apologists Program in Singapore alongside my friends, which what actually brought me here.

With this, I’d love to learn more from the team on how I can understand more about the different questions surrounding the Gospel and the daily struggles that other people has about God, Jesus, other worldviews, suffering, et al.

I’m not yet sure on how I’d be able to contribute in this group. But hoping to help in any way I can. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you.


Welcome to Connect Joanne-Marie. Please feel free to ask questions to the community. I also highly recommend the RZIM Core Module, if you have not already taken it. It is extremely helpful in learning how to answer tough questions.


Thank you, Brian! Will definitely check that out.


Welcome @seasonswithmsjm, thank you for introducing yourself to us :pray:t3: This is a great place to ask your questions so please feel free to do so. Thank you for your heart in wanting to learn more so that you can help others. Looking forward to reading more from you :heart:


Thank you, Sig for the warm welcome! Looking forward to learn from your own posts as well.


Hello, Joanne, and welcome to Connect! It’s wonderful to hear of your hunger to know God more deeply and of your courage to enroll in the EAP. Looking forward to reading more of your posts here!


Thank you, Brittany! Trying to be more courageous these days haha. Excited to learn!


Great to have you join us JM @seasonswithmsjm

With Jesus love

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