Job Opportunity: Content Specialist

We are excited to announce a new job opening based in RZIM’s Global Headquarters office. To apply please submit your resume and the RZIM Application RZIM Application.pdf (209.8 KB) to .

You may view the position description here:

Job Description - Content Specialist.pdf (88.4 KB)

If you have any questions about this position please ask them here.


Thank you, Patty. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity. I am interested. Would it be possible to apply even if I am not in the GA area?

Dear Zachary,

Yes, if you feel you are distinctively qualified for this position, please write back along with your resume and application and we will be happy to review it. Please note that the requirements for this position is that applicant live local to the Atlanta, Georgia area, as this position does not include any moving cost.

Best regards,
Patty Hilliard


thank you Patty

Patty - Should I send the application as an editable pdf, or is it ok if I “print” it to make the responses uneditable? Thank you.

Dear Michael,

Whatever works best for you, just as long as the information is legible.

Best regards,

Patty Hilliard

Hello, my name is Thomas Miller, and I applied for this position. I wanted to make sure I submitted my information correctly. I emailed my application and resume to Was this the correct procedure, and if not, where should I send it? Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear back from you soon.

Hello, I know this is late, but I live in Atlanta and am extremely interested in this opportunity. I’m not sure if the job is still open, but I sent my resume and application into the email listed above. I’m just writing to make sure it was received. Thank you, and I’m praying you’re all in good health.

Hello Mam,

I am residing in India. Can I apply for this job? Also, is there any remote?


Dear Rajat,

This position requires that the applicant live local to the Atlanta, Georgia area and to work at our Headquarters in Alpharetta. Also, we want to be sure you understand that there is no relocation assistance or visa sponsorship associated with this position.

Thank you for contacting us and we trust the Lord will give you guidance as you follow His lead to a unique place of service.

Patty Hilliard

Hello Patty! Is this position still hiring? If so, is the salary range allowed to be shared? Thank you!

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Dear Lauren,

Yes, this position is still open. If you would like to send us your resume and application, we will be happy to review it. Also, we are unable to discuss salary or benefits until much later in our interview process.

Thank you for your interest in serving with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

Best regards,
Patty Hilliard

Good morning, Patty!

I wanted to inquire whether this position was still open. I am preparing a resume and application currently and, if still open, would like to sent it along to you.

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dear Lydia,

Yes, this position is still open. Please send us your resume and application and we will be happy to review them.

Patty Hilliard

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