Job Opportunity: Public Relations Associate

We are excited to announce a new job opening based in RZIM’s Global Headquarters office. To apply please submit your resume and the RZIM Application RZIM Application.pdf (209.8 KB) to .

You may view the position description here:

JD - Public Relations Associate.pdf (181.7 KB)

If you have any questions about this position please ask them here.


Where is your HQ?
I used to be a PR Consultant and am interested in serving in Mission Related organization - is the position still open?

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Dear Jeshua,

The Public Relations Associate position is still open. This position requires that the applicant live local to the Atlanta, Georgia area and work at the RZIM Headquarters in Alpharetta.

Best regards,
Patty Hilliard

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I filled out the application online, but I’m not sure if I sent it correctly. I will come into the office Monday to make sure and to bring my resume’, which I referred to several times in the application rather than filling out everything.


Is this position still available? I’m a college graduate from the University of Georgia living in the Atlanta area with experience in both public relations and public affairs. Would love to talk to you further about this opportunity.

Dear Sam,

Yes, the Public Relations Associate position is still open. If you feel you are distinctively qualified for this position, please write back along with your resume and application and we will be happy to review it.

Best regards,
Patty Hilliard