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Hello! I’m from Atlanta Georgia. I learned about Ravi from YouTube and find his videos and podcasts very informative! I’m currently reading one of his books and can’t wait to keep diving deeper in hopes to be able to explain to other people the love and truth of Jesus in a logical way. It wasn’t long ago that I had to bridge the gap between the mind and the heart. Ravi’s explanations have made a big impact on my understanding. I hope to continue to learn and discover new resources for wisdom, as well as help others to see things from an eternal perspective.

(Sara Isaac) #2

Hi Joe! It’s such a pleasure to have you around. Your input will definitely enrich the community. Which book are you reading? There is also the Emerging Apologists program in July I guess in Atlanta. I hope that you’d be interested to join.
God bless!

(Scott Dockins) #3


Welcome to Connect, brother!

I hope Connect becomes a valuable and informative communal learning resource for your apologetic endeavors.

May God bless you in your learning, and equip you for every task he Has for you.

Ravi Zacharias brought peace to my chaotic and overactive mind early in my conversion to Christianity. It was so comforting to hear a man speak with conviction, sincerity, and learning about the Christian faith early in my walk because I wrestled with so many questions and was concerned that if I brought up those questions to another brother, or, sister, I could inadvertently cause them to doubt.

Ravi helped me to see the error in that kind of thinking and validated my questions as a believer.

God bless brother.

(Lynne) #4

Hey Joe!
How lucky you are to be living near the RZIM ministry. I too would like to know which books you are reading. I just finished the Core Module and wow, what things I learned!
Enjoy the connection
Lynne T.

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