Joe Moore

I have listened to and appreciated the RZIM staff for many years. I also had the privilege of attending a summer institute around 10 years ago.

I participated in and moderated some e-mail forums many years ago and always struggled with the balance of lively discussions and effective moderation. I fully believe that with God’s help there is a real opportunity to do it right and my prayer is that this will be one of those places.

I have lived in eastern South Dakota my entire life, am married with 2 kids and a year old granddaughter. We just moved to Sioux Falls and I have been a computer application developer and manager for my entire career.

I listen to a lot of RZIM podcasts and realized it is time to join.

Many times a podcast will make me think of something I would like to understand better in detail, ask a clarifying question and even sometimes share my thoughts. In short, have an ongoing experience something like the Summer Institute.




Welcome aboard @Joe_Moore. It is great having you join us here it connect. So good that you have been to the summer institute as well. Was that in Wheaton college? I was there for 2 years. And then they switched to Georgia Tech for a little while. And, believe it or not I was born in Sioux Falls. My father was raised in Harrisburg. We left there are 1976. But I still have relatives there and we visit from time to time. I hope you enjoy your time here. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome @Joe_Moore, what a blessing to have you here. I’m glad you decided to join in and I look forward to reading some of your thoughts and insight. Enjoy browsing :slightly_smiling_face:
Take care :pray:t3:


@Joe_Moore Nice to meet you!

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Welcome to Connect Joe! South Dakota is one beautiful state that we love to visit! We are so glad you have joined this forum. I think you’ll really enjoy the interactions on here. Everyone is very cordial even while challenging one another. And there are many well informed people to share what they know. I think you’ll enjoy it and I hope you find some good conversations to contribute to as well! I have a feeling you will. God bless! :blush:


Welcome Joe, the many threads and varied thoughts, opinions challenge my thinking. It is one of the great things here that appealed to me and helps me to see more. I can see more through the eyes of others. Wisdom in a mutitude.


Welcome Joe, @Joe_Moore

I will agree with you that with God’s help, all things are possible!

So excited you decided to join connect and as Mike @mgaplus4 stated, there are many threads and thoughts to be discoverd and pondered in Connect. Take some time to navigate the site, and type a question into the search icon to see if someone had a question similar to yours. If not, start a new thread.

Where was the the summer :sunny: institute located that you attended and what lecture did you glean the most from?

Also we have a Podcast Category that deals with questions from the “Ask Away”, and “Cover to Cover” podcasts. :tulip:


Hi @Joe_Moore, welcome to Connect! I lived in South Dakota (Sioux Falls) for my adolescent / teen years and I still have family there:)

Thanks for sharing this note about your experience on forums and your hope for Connect:

As a moderator, I share this belief! We as a moderating team appreciate your prayers and thoughtful participation in this community. As you have said, with God’s help we can together make RZIM Connect a thoughtful and prayerful place of conversation, conducted with gentleness and respect (as per 1 Peter 3:15). Our hope is that our discussions here can be a resource to believers around the world who are seeking to grow in their faith, witness, and love for Christ. Thank you for joining us, Joe—we look forward to your contribution to this community!


Hi @Joe_Moore it’sa great privilege to have you join us @ connect I am blessed meeting you.
I agree with you that opportunities are avenues to make it right again. What a wonderful family you got.
Congratulations and welcome to RZIM Connect


Yes, it was at Wheaton. I think it was 2013.

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John Dickson there?

Not that I remember…

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