Joel Alex

Hi, I’m Joel, I’m a student pursuing design on the southern part of India.
I am loving the process of raising questions and finding answers to them, brings a lot of clarity in my life and others. RZIM is an place I believe is credible and hence I trust this family too… I will help if it empowers somebody else in finding clarity. But first I’ve come here to learn. Thanks for the initiative.


Welcome Joel,
lots of good fast responses here so I have no doubt you’ll find what you’re looking for.


Great Joel.
You are most welcome to connect with Jesus joy. You will indeed grow through obedience here.
Am happy to meet you here. WELCOME!!!..


Welcome aboard @JoelAlex. So glad you have joined connect. I pray that you learn as much as you can absorb and that you enjoy the process. God-bless you and your journey. I believe that you will find the discussions fulfilling and rewarding.


Hi joel . You are most welcome to join in the Rzim family. I’m also from southern part of India . God bless you


I agree, thanks!

Happy to meet you too :smile:

Indeed, I am looking forward to this. Thankyou.

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Hello Saravanan, delighted to meet someone from the same locality. Hope to connect soon. Thankyou.

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Sure. I hope so. God bless you

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